Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Sometimes I forget that the cardinal rule of blogging is that it’s about the reader, not the writer, otherwise it’s little more than a diary open for everyone to read, which makes it no fun.

1. Engage the reader. This doesn’t have to be by asking questions at the end of the post. If the post is evocative enough, people will leave comments. For example, when I spoke about objectivity, I had comments because having things deemed good or bad was a subject people could relate to. They had opinions on it. It was interesting.

2. While the subject should be interesting (obviously) to the reader, it should also be interesting to you as you’ll write more passionately if it’s something you like. This is probably why I have quite a few posts about writing and etymology (of course, I may be the only one interested in the latter…)

3. Posts in list form are often easier and more engaging to read. Short, succinct items are popular with the generation raised with Twitter and Facebook. Tangentially, what I’m doing right here is being self-referential.

4. Continuing with item two’s line of thought, don’t post etymology posts unless you’re okay with low numbers. But for me, I’d say worth it.

5. Add a picture to attract attention. If you can’t find one that’s relevant, use a cat picture. It works every time.

And that’s five tips on being popular from someone who has no idea what being popular entails.

Welcome to the internet.


  1. I think etymology is cool. In theory. The idea of it is cool, and, sometimes, I can be interested in a word or group of words and how they've come to mean what they mean. And, you know, it's part of what Tolkien did.

    Generally speaking, I don't like posts in list form.

  2. Can't go wrong with LOLcatz...

    But seriously, those are some good points!

  3. Ah yes, the reader. That's why we blog, right? (Well, maybe it's why you blog. I think I just like to write down the crazy.)

  4. LOL...been a while I left a comment. Some of the shorter posts, I read on my dashboard. Good tips too...

  5. Ah, that's why my cat blogs work so well...


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