Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Since I’m not around to tell you in person, I leave this message for you: Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you have a fun day.

As usual, I’m posting something different for the holiday. The first year I did this blog, I posted The Writer’s Flowchart, still one of my all-time favorite posts. Last years was The Alphabet Family Tree, which I think was pretty cool but of course I’m me.

This year, don’t expect anything so fancy (and considering those previous attempts, I mean keep that bar low). It’s more stick figures and cut and paste because I can’t draw.

Click to embiggen.

If you’re wondering about the amount of writing actually taking’re right. It is too much.


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  1. I frequently find myself at situation 9:00 PM... all too often!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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