Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More Characters That Need to Go Away

A few months back, I did a post on what I think are the most annoying character types. It included the genius serial killer, the awkward genius, the jerk with the heart of gold and the beta guy who never gets the girl. And of course, I found more that just make me roll my eyes whenever I see them.

Genius Detective
I hate genius detectives so much. It’s like Sherlock Holmes worked as a character once and people have been trying for that same success. And failing. Miserably failing. Real police work is talking to people, analyzing their reactions, and gathering information, not walking into a crime scene and suddenly knowing how the killer’s mother wasn’t nice to him when he was little. Ninety percent of these genius detectives should have failed the psychological exam needed to enter the police force. Also annoying? When they aren’t even cops, yet get treated like them.

Out for Revenge
Another staple of crime fiction. Now, this isn’t referring to a Genius Serial Killer—that’s a whole different overused trope of its own. I mean the “My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” kind Su mentioned last time, where the character is avenging the death of a loved-one (or more than one). Your Punishers, your Batmen, your millions of other comic book characters that got into superheroing because they lost family. They really do seem to mostly be in comics, like it’s automatic backstory for every single hero. It’s kind of ridiculous.

The Protector
I don’t think Protectors are always men, but they are always protecting women/girls. They’re the type who might not want to help the damsel in distress at first but is moved by her plight into taking up her cause. He (to be general) will end up in a faceoff with the Big Bad and will probably be hurt, but saved by the lady to show that, hey, she’s not so helpless after all. Just ugh.

The Gay Best Friend
Not because of the gay part. More because the gay best friend is always the catty, effeminate, promiscuous guy the main character (usually female) confides to when some unfortunate misunderstanding comes between him/her and the love interest and he might as well be a picture on a wall for all that he’s listened to. He has about as much depth as a picture, too. I hate romantic comedies so much.


  1. Yes, let's do away with the gay best friend. Agreed.

  2. Plus if we got rid of romantic comedies, no more Kate Hudson films, so it's win-win both ways.

    1. I didn't even think about that. So...so happy...


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