Tuesday, July 31, 2012


First of all, I could still use some guest posts for the end of the month. Give me a shout out if you’re interested.

Second, I finished another book! Woo! And by “finished” I mean I finished a rough draft that I can already tell needs revisions that will take months to complete, probably longer than the initial rough draft took if the past is any indication.

I…umm. Less woo.

However, it’s still a nice accomplishment. I promised myself I’d finish it by the end of the month and I did. Actually, I was getting a little worried that I might not make it, not do to a lack of writing, but rather because the book just kept getting longer. The “final” word count is about 94 K, which makes it 20 K more words than the last rough draft I completed. I guess I had a lot to say with this one.

Now that I’m done, I’m feeling a little writer’s burnout, and I don’t think I’d be at my best if I started editing it right away. So what’s the solution? Edit something else of course! I still have GLITCH to work on. Draft two is done, but it’s been neglected as I focused my energies on the shiny new project (working title: COLLAPSE). Time to get back in the game. I’m swearing off the new book until September (and boy, is that hard!), maybe even October if I don’t make serious gains towards the apocryphal “completion”. Then it’s back to beta readers…

How’s writing going for you? Any editing tips you’d like to share?


  1. Careful about saying you "finished" a book. I made the mistake of telling family after I finished a draft, and they thought I was actually finished. Sigh.

    As for taking the end of the month off, have you considered reposting some old stuff? It might fill up a day or two. (I'd volunteer for a guest post, but you've seen what I write on my own blog.)

  2. Well done on your achievement! :) and yes, take a break from the one you just finished, and move onto something else!

  3. I'm waiting on my beta readers to finish up, and then go from there.


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