Saturday, July 28, 2012

Guest Posts Wanted

Well, my birthday is in a month. Ish. It’s in exactly four weeks and one day but since months are more than twenty eight days long, it’s not actually on the twenty ninth but the twenty sixth. Someone should really fix that. God? Calendar makers? One of those.

Anyway, since I want to take the week after said birthday off from blogging, I’d like to ask if anyone wants to take over my blog for a day. You can talk about pretty much whatever you want and make it as long or as short as you want. Got a book to promote? Want to reach a slightly different audience? Yo.

Any volunteers?

Please let me know by next Saturday, August 4, if you’re interested. Thanks a bundle.


  1. I could potentially be interested.

  2. I knew somebody with that birthday. I can't remember who. Either my grandmother who has since passed on or a friend who I lost touch with about 20 years ago. (The other's birthday is the 25th.)

    Happy birthday (upcoming).

  3. I just pre-scheduled posts thru the first part of September. I'm all posted out. LOL And the kids start school that week. But if you get desperate, let me know. ;)


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