Monday, April 18, 2011

Websites for Writers

Blogger is what I use for this blog. Obviously. For the most part, I love it. It’s easy for someone like me, who despite being of the internet generation, has trouble figuring out how to do anything computer-related. I know. I’m a travesty.

So I’m going to highlight one of the things it’s taken me half a year to figure out just in case there’s anyone out there going through the same ordeals.

First of all, comments. I can be terrible at replying to comments left on my blog, but not because I don’t care. It’s because there’s no “reply” button on Blogger (probably my only real beef with them). I found it very confusing that so many other bloggers seemed able to email me back…and then it hit me. Email notifications—duh.

Go to Settings, then Comments and scroll down to the bottom where it says Comment Notification Email. I put my email address in there and whenever one of you leaves me a comment, it gets sent to me. Replying is now a cinch because all I have to do is hit the reply button on my email! I wonder if that was the logic in Blogger not including a reply button in their service. After a few weeks of using this, I definitely like it. Email makes it a lot easier to reply to people’s comments and I know they’ll actually read it. Well, at least skim through it.

Next, I want to mention the auto-update feature, which I’ve been enjoying recently. In fact, it updated this very post! I know. Zen. Anyway, it’s easy to use. You put the post in like you normally do but instead of hitting that post button, you go just above it to “Post options.” On the right hand side you switch it from “automatic” to “scheduled at” and put in the date and time you want it to post. And there you go!

It’s always fun when I figure out how to do something, even when it’s something most people already know. When it comes to computers, that happens to me a lot.



  1. I don't do email notifications, altho I think it's a cool concept. Mostly I just go to their blogs and make comments to return the favor. But lately I can't even keep up with that. Gah!

  2. I enjoy the email notifications. It puts me in touch with people who visit my blog for the first time, gives a chance for interaction. It is something that can develop into a friendship.

  3. I use to have email notifications. I didn't like going through my inbox with all those emails, so turned it off. I use the moderation now.

  4. I don't use email notifications either; I usually check my blogs regularly enough to see who's commented, and I follow the people who reply to me as it is.

  5. Ahhh, that is it! I've been wondering how I get email replies for comments I leave, lol, now I get it! Thanks for sharing this. :)

  6. I use wordpress but I love scheduling posts before hand and then not having to worry about them!

  7. The day that I figured out you could schedule posts to post themselves was a GREAT day in my life. Glad you figured it out, too! It has transformed my blogging -- as long as I stay on top of my schedule. Which I haven't today. Oops . . .

  8. I tried the email notifications, but they didn't work as well for me. However, I LOVE the post scheduling feature!


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