Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Should Call This “Still Editing”

I’ve been struck by more ideas for my WIP. One is plot and character related (I think it adds more emotion) and the other is world building related. I like both ideas very much.

Of course, I shouldn’t be working on plot and characters anymore. I should be editing the actual writing! As you may have heard in previous rants, I have problems with too much information in one place and then too little in another. I have to ground the reader in the scenes better and make sure everything flows properly (ugh…what I really need is someone to circle all these problems so I know where they are!).

So with all this to do, why am I making more changes to the plot? Probably because my editing prowess is attacking plot issues and I need to do something I’m good at while I’m doing something I’m not.

Question time. Editing-wise, what are you best at? What are you worst at? What helps you do the latter?

Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. Good question, and no answer. I think I have a smattering of skills that have been developed. They continue to grow.

  2. I think I'm best at going back and fleshing out characters. This usually fixes all the problems in the the first draft! Unfortunately it can take me quite a while to come up with the right solutions for broken plots...

  3. With editing, I'm good at picking out the small stuff first time out, little errors or things that should have gone differently.

  4. If you'd like someone to read it...

  5. I think I'm best at plot stuff, too.

  6. And maybe you should use a butterfly net when the ideas come at you, so you can catch them before they strike (awful, I know... couldn't resist!).


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