Sunday, April 3, 2011

And On The Seventh Day...

Sorry about the lack of “Websites for Writers” yesterday. I’m moving it to Monday from now on, which is a bigger day on the blog-o-sphere.

I can hear your collective sighs of relief through the internet.

Anyway, I am exhausted from the pitch-fest. Who knew one hundred and forty characters would be that hard? I’m not sure I got to everyone—sorry. The final count was close to a hundred entries. There were a lot of good ones, too, that I'm sure will make it to the finals before me. But I think I got a decent pitch out of it and that’s the real prize.

I’m kidding. It’s definitely the agent’s request.



  1. I love the ending of this post. I do wish everyone who entered the best of luck because I know what a big deal an agent's request is to all of us unagented writers but of course, I'd really like to be the one to win.

    I'd never written a one sentence/ 140 character pitch before so this whole experience was very educational if nothing else.

    Sincerely, I wish you the very best luck!

  2. Yay! That you got it finished, that is. I hope you go far in the contest! And it would be so so so cool for you to get the agent's request, because I want to read your book!

  3. I didn't get to everyone, either. I *tried*. But toward the end of the second day, my brain melted. I guess I got through two thirds. (Probably an optimistic number.)

    I know, (really know, not looking for reassurance here) that my pitch doesn't stand a chance. But gosh I had fun (till the melted brain part).

    Yours has a great voice, which will be my next focus :)

  4. You must not have gotten the memo where "sparkles" has been outlawed on posts such as these. Don't make Edward angry.

  5. lol

    I have a theory that the shorter the pitch, the longer it takes you to perfect it.

  6. I found that really helpful too!


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