Tuesday, May 3, 2022

May Goals

Ugh, April was just wildly unsuccessful. Just another one of those months I’ve been having for the last fifteen years or so.
April Goals
1. Keep searching for beta readers for my book. It’s almost like people have lives outside of me or something.
Still working on this. Like I said, wildly unsuccessful.
2. Work on writing the new WIP I’ve decided I have to write right now this very moment.
I did this. I’m sure it’s not any good, but I got around 40K.
3. Update my etymology page, even though after a year I still can’t get the damn formatting right. Seriously, I HATE new Blogger.
Did you see they’ve screwed with commenting? Now I’ve got that to deal with, and heaven forbid they just fix post formatting! I WANT TO ADJUST PARAGRAPH SPACING DAMMIT! Without that stupid "Normal-Paragraph-Heading-Subheading" crap. And Also without it crashing on me!!! I used to be able to just paste my etymology list in from Excel and it was perfect, but nope, they had to wreck that. I have to copy it in from a Word file and because it’s a Word file, it screws up the formatting, but what else am I supposed to do when I have well over a thousand words that I’m not typing in and spacing one by one???
Kind of devolved into a rant on that last one. I think I have some stuff to work out. Which I wouldn’t if I could just use Old Blogger!
Okay, enough of that before I unleash another rant…
May Goals
1. More beta reads. Still need more people.
2. Finish new WIP. This one will hopefully be easy.
3. Work on an new draft of my query letter. And watch it become obsolete almost immediately. 
So that’s what I want to do for May. Though I’m tempering my expectations.


  1. I think you did okay! I'd be thrilled if I'd written 40K in a month. I feel like 10K a month is about all I can do at the moment.

  2. Blogger is doing some really weird things lately.

  3. I'm sure the new book is good. And it seems to be working for you.

    Wait, your problem is transferring from Excel to Blogger? Have you thought of taking your etymology spreadsheet and transferring it to Google Sheets? Probably a pain in the ass to do, and it might not solve the problem, but I would assume that Blogger and Sheets would play well together, much better than the Microsoft.

    Anyway, I like the commenting upgrade, if only it would work for me while I'm at work. Sigh. I don't know why it worked perfectly well before, only to crash and burn now.

  4. 40k in one month is absolutely AMAZING. You are awesome!

    You're not the only person I know who's trying to untangle whatever Blogger did with comments. Hope it gets resolved for you all soon!

    (Also...I would be available to read for you now, if you're interested.)



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