Tuesday, May 24, 2022

From The Spamfiles

This week is for the questions spam makes me ask myself.

I… don’t really know what I’m looking at here. Stealth attraction definitely doesn’t seem like a thing, and in fact seems creepy, and also, why are they sending it to ME?

Where do you find people to invest your money with if not by random emails?

Really, the email address is ninety percent random letters and numbers, and the person is named Helga for crying out loud. Does this actually work on people???

It wouldn’t be a spam post without a cancer stricken person trying to get me to give their money to charity. Have they never heard of lawyers?

Another person wanting to write a guest post for my blog despite me not knowing them. Frankly, I’m suspicious of anyone who calls me a “thought-leader”. What even is that?


  1. I want to know who thinks our blogs get enough traffic to be worth doing a guest post for. Well, at least mine.

  2. I got a weird email yesterday supposedly about a food recall. It was highly specific and addressed to me and didn't ask me to click through anything or respond in any way. I just didn't buy the food item it said I did, so...?
    Or is someone else using my grocery account? Which, you know, good for them if they need the discount.
    It was weird.

  3. Cancer spammers don't trust lawyers.


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