Tuesday, March 29, 2022

From The Spamfiles

Ah, I love it when there’s an extra week before I have to do any self-reflection. Not like in stupid February.

Yes, people are always sending twelve million dollars through email. It’s a perfectly normal occurrence.

See? Another payment. By someone who calls me sir/madam and apparently has the last name “Adlong”. From the Virginia Adlongs.

Okay, I’m not sure what the hell this is supposed to say. I assume it’s some other language—though I really can’t be sure—and it says it’s from London, a place pretty famous for speaking, you know, English.

STOREBRAND, an absolutely trustworthy investment project!

Oh wow. You’d think a general would know how to spell “command”, but here we are. I honestly didn’t believe this was a real person, but if you google the name, yep, there’s an actual retired general named Carter Ham. General Ham. I could never come up with a joke better than that.


  1. A real Carter Ham? Well, that dude must be the seventh one since he's H7.

  2. You would hope the real general would know how to spell command.

    When I say the word sir, it's my code for calling someone an asshole when I can't use that word.

  3. I mean, you could skip the self reflection. Just this once.

  4. ... And there are plenty of people chasing that $12 million!

  5. Boy, British slang gets more and more difficult to decipher every day.

    And those people with the $12 million do say they're contacting you legally, so...

  6. British slang is getting more and more difficult to decipher isn't it? What happened to the easy-to-understand cockney rhyming?


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