Tuesday, March 8, 2022

From The Spamfiles

You’ve got to love spam! Not the food, though. Never developed a taste for it.

If I was lonely, I’m sure as hell not going for someone who misspells “lonely”! You absolute MONSTER!

Why, how could you think this sweet dying woman is trying to steal my personal information. How mistrustful of you, Google!

And here’s another one, though clearly the spammer paid much less attention to grammar and coherence than Agnes up there. They could at least try.

Pretty sure that if this blog post is up, my account hasn’t been removed “from Google server”. I also love how the whole thing looks like it was cut and pasted together. Like if someone was sending a ransom note through email, this is what it would look like.

Yes, it is exceptionally posted instructive substance. Anyway come visit my casino!


  1. But that one is a confrimed request! It has to be genuine.

  2. Agnes is dying of cancer.

    To which I say: good.

  3. ...Sending a ransom note through email... *snort*

  4. My bet is that most ransom notes are sent through email these days.


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