Tuesday, February 8, 2022

From The Spamfiles

Spam is much better than introspection.

This spam promises to stop sending you spam if you click this link. Go ahead! Try it!

Um, okay. Wow. Lot of questions. First of all, how I found this person’s ass? WHAT? Then she calls herself “Lina from Sex services” and it’s a no. Just no. And how your feeling GOOD OR NOT GOOD. And I know that’s supposed to be “you’re” but I’m betting Lina from Sex services doesn’t.

Okay these don’t even look like letters. What the hell. I have to Thecl Nour Uccounl for my Clols of Begas Tasino Banout Berification.
I really don’t want to know anything “Fungus Eli.” has to say.
Liar! My blog has never helped anyone ever!


  1. Your etymology is helpful.
    Fungus Eli is just trying to give you a virus.

  2. Lina is the very latest of the spammer women trying to sleep with you.

    Why do I keep getting nothing but spellcaster spam and Indonesian betting spam?

  3. The font choice of that casino is unfortunate. I wonder if they thought it would add class?

  4. Yeah, those comments bother me, too. My blog is not at all informative. In fact, some teens have taken exception to my ceiling darts post.

  5. Fungus Eli is Typhoid Mary's less fortunate cousin.


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