Saturday, January 22, 2022


I suppose I can’t complain, though.

Apparently it was snowing all day and I just didn’t see it when I looked or went outside. It was invisible snow. Also you can’t feel it.


  1. That's what ours felt like during the day yesterday. But we did get a little last night.

  2. It never snows here in Bengaluru. I get to see wonderful photos. In the north on India, especially Kashmir, it does snow. Right now is the season there too.
    Here, it just becomes very cold. In fact, the last few days have been colder than usual.
    The only time I experienced snow, strangely not in India, was when I visited my cousin's home on the outskirts of Detroit around this time some 10 years ago.

  3. We had that with rain yesterday. It kept saying it was raining or going to rain, but I never saw it. A ploy to fool me into not watering the plants, I'm sure!


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