Tuesday, December 14, 2021

From The Spamfiles


Getting $15,000 really would have made Thanksgiving amazing.

I’m a hard fellow to find. Good thing they did otherwise I would’ve missed this overture of great financial benefit.
Okay, first of all, this post was from years ago. Next, it was about spam, and thus had NOTHING to do with being fat (both mentally and physically). But apparently all the tips mean they’re now showing improvements.

You’re being a little confusing here. First it’s telling me I have a fat loss organ (sure), but then the body of the email is about getting rid of skin tags. Unless getting rid of skin tags is the fat loss. Is that how fat loss works?

I do love when they say that to unsubscribe I have to write an actual letter to their address. Can you imagine if that’s how unsubscribing worked? Do you think there’s someone out there who has actually written to this place asking to unsubscribe???

Do post more.


  1. Spammers never get the point that they will only do the world any good by no longer being in it.

  2. The last one... The Yes Card Services... Is really hilarious!

  3. The fat goes into the skin tags, then you have them removed. It's a long process.

    Also, you have given me pressure, now, with my Norton comments!

  4. Ah yes, the spam comments. How do they find these old posts? They're usually pretty obscure ones, too.


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