Tuesday, October 5, 2021

October Goals

Oh wow, October already. This year is going by way too fast. Wasn’t it March yesterday? It feels like it was. I don’t even remember what I was supposed to be working on last month, so you can assume I probably didn’t do it.
September Goals
1. Get WIP 1 beta ready. I’m really trying to get this on in good shape. If anyone can take a look at it, let me know.
I didn’t do much work on it and honestly, there’s a lot more I could do on it (I’m terrible at descriptions). I suppose it’s beta ready because I don’t know what I need to work on next.
2. Get drafts done of the synopsis and query for WIP 1.
Wait, this was a goal? I actually did this, holy crap.
3. Get to the notes on WIP 2 if I have the time.
And somehow I did this, too. I still have about a third of the book left to go over, but it is getting done. It’s a miracle.
And now for this month.
October Goals
1. Beta reads for WIP 1. Any volunteers?
2. Finish working on my notes for WIP 2. This one’s actually possible.
3. Update my etymology page. There are so many of them, I think it’s time to create a few separate pages up in the header there. It might make formatting them easier, too.
That’s what I want to do this month. Will any of this actually happen? Who knows? What do you want to do this month?


  1. See, you did better than you thought! And if you don't know what else to do to it, your story is definitely ready for others to read it.

  2. Well, my long term gig ended, so I should have time to read this month. You can send it my way.

  3. Yes, days running are fast. It's not just me who is feeling like that!

  4. My favorite is "Wait, this was a goal? I actually did this, holy crap." Awesome reaction. I love it!

    Nicely done with your September goals—and best of luck with October's. (I would offer to read for you, but I already have two manuscripts and won't have an opening for another one until probably next year.)


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