Tuesday, October 12, 2021

From The Spamfiles

Let’s see how people have tried to scam me this week…

Now, she doesn’t say she’s a widow, but she does have cancer and wants to give me her money. As well as her body to science “as an offering to humanity”. Yeah, sure, good idea.

My unread message from Contact says they’re waiting for my answer about their party. That’s how you know it’s not for me, because no one I know would ever think I’d want to go to a party, crazy or otherwise.

If this message is in your spam folder, it’s because of your ISP, not because this is an obvious scam, beneficiary.

I love it when I get messages for accounts I don’t have from email addresses that have nothing to do with the place supposedly contacting me. Bonus points for saying my account ends in all X’s. That’s super legit.
Another new follower. I’ve got to say, the staring at the wall away from the camera is vaguely creepy. Makes me think the Blair Witch is going to jump out at me or something.


  1. I'm constantly getting messages about suspension of my Amazon or Netflix or whatever to the email address that has none of those accounts linked to it. Dead giveaway it's not legit.

  2. The Blair Witch is less irritating than spammers.

  3. I wouldn't want to go to a party (crazy or otherwise) either. Spam or no spam...

    Love the offering to humanity bit. I'm sure Humanity will thank you, Ann.

  4. Your new follower just wants to make sure you know he has a super muscly back.


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