Tuesday, October 26, 2021

From The Spamfiles

What? This again?

A lot to enjoy about this one. The “Valentime” thing, first of all. Is the misspelling deliberate or are they just that stupid? With spammers, it’s impossible to tell. Especially since they say “No credit card requires”.

The “Director for International Banking Supervision Office of the Comptroller of the Currency”. The longer the title, the more legit they are.

Uh oh, the Federal Bureau of I. wants me. Because I’m a beneficiary. Also the UN is thrown in there for some reason.

They are no longer happy with my delay and silent over my fund! Whatever will I do???

Got these comments just last week—apparently one banal comment indicating they clearly didn’t read the post isn’t enough, they need two. The cherry on the cake was William informing me that said commenter has been making the rounds on blogs lately, leaving similar replies on a post talking about cancer. I’d say they have no conscience, but we already knew that.


  1. Yep, I'm getting comments from that person, too.

  2. That person is getting particularly annoying. His blog is legit- albeit cut and paste motivational feel good crap- but at this point I'm considering reporting each post he makes as spam.

    Have you gotten the Mary James spell caster one yet?

  3. Yeah, I got that guy on my blog, too.
    So did Squid.

    Federal Bureau of I? Man, that sounds ominous. Unless it's a Sesame Street thing.
    I can't tell.


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