Tuesday, April 20, 2021

From The Spamfiles

Here we go again!

Now this is an interesting one. I’m sure you’re all aware my name is not Sara, though I’m really curious about something called the “Professor Jim” project, I mean, what even is that? I’m not really sure what the scam is here. I wonder what would happen if I emailed them back and told them I was Sara.

I always love when they email you from one address and then give you another email to respond to them with. Like, that’s a perfectly normal thing that people do all the time.

Wait… am I unsubscribing from the Unsubscribe TEAM? Why do you have bell emojis???

Guys. Guys. Congadulation.

At least this one didn’t misspell a common word. I’m sorry, I’m just still not over congadulation.

The Royal Bank of Canada gives great massages. Being certified is actually a requirement for working there.


  1. Professor Jim? They should've gone with Earthworm Jim.

  2. The Professor Jim Project is all about the resurrection from the dead of the late Professor James (Jim or Jimbo to his close friends) Fitzwallace, formerly of the Transylvania Academy of Arcane Arts.

  3. The Professor Jim Project sounds so legit! You'd better rush out to send those samples. You don't want Mark thinking you're someone else.

  4. So, I'm covering 8th grade English for the next little while, and congadulation seems like something I should be seeing.


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