Tuesday, April 13, 2021

From The Spamfiles

This should be fun, right?

I love how reminder is in quotes. Is this some sort of ironic reminder? Is it?

Yes, diplomats are always in charge of outstanding payment bank drafts converted into ATM Master/Visas. Not a single thing suspicious about this.

Aw. He will like to be my friend.

I guess the International Monetary Fund World Regulatory Office International (how redundant can you get) does not believe in lower case letters.

Is this the same SUPPORT TEAM from before? I mean, I guess so since that was the “third reminder” and this is the “fourth reminder”. And it’s still apparently very ironic.

Remember, remember, the fifth of November. 2017, when Saudi authorities arrested dozens of the kingdom’s royal whatevers. We all know this is the opening line to a scam, right? It’s like telling someone you have a gold mine to sell them. Obviously it’s fake. Though sometimes you want to go along just to see just how stupid they think you are. Spoiler alert: insultingly so.


  1. "Diplomat" and "IMF" among the senders! Wow!

  2. One of my friends went along with one of those money sending scams for a while. He managed to get the guy to send him a few dollars too!

  3. Your spam is way more safe for work than mine has been lately.

  4. And there'll be a fifth reminder and a sixth reminder and a 'why aren't you answering this' reminder.


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