Saturday, April 17, 2021

Movie Night

It was better than the last movie my mom picked out, “Burnt Offerings” which had no burning and no offerings.
Ninety percent of it was a woman walking around naked. And somehow that was the least stupid part of the movie.


  1. That was the best part of the movie.
    We recently re-watched that one. (I saw it in the theaters when it was released and thought it 'okay'.) It was worse than I remember. Except for the naked woman.

  2. Those movies sound vaguely familiar. I don't think I've seen them, but I think I've heard of them.

  3. No, not heard of it. Should check out.

  4. It sounds like one of those movies that is so bad its hilarious.

  5. Thankfully I've managed to avoid that one... And will continue to.


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