Saturday, February 27, 2021

Some Lessons Are Never Learned

Can’t wait to see how badly this goes wrong.
The couch she’s talking about is the pink one that didn’t come with the hardware to attach the legs.
I can’t even.


  1. Doesn't she know she can just go to the store and buy one that's already put together?

  2. The better ones are ones you don't have to put together.

  3. Have you considered changing your phone number?

  4. Your mother is hilarious! You should publish a book with all these comics about her.

  5. I guess that's one of the potential problems with buying furniture online—you may have to put it together and it may be really uncomfortable. We keep talking about ordering a couch online, but our current couch is so uncomfortable that anything would be an improvement.

    Hope the new couch works out better than this one.


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