Tuesday, February 16, 2021

From The Spamfiles

Ah, spam. Nothing to worry about here, except maybe a computer virus.

It’s actually really easy to make money in gold. All you have to do is tell people to send you money for telling them how to make money in gold.

…No. Do… do people actually want to watch other people oh my god they do, the world is nothing but a depraved nightmare.

Is it a warning that I subscribed to their newsletter list or is it a newsletter list about warnings? And if it is about warnings, what kind of warnings???

I’m going with Sarah. She seems less desperate.

I have so many questions. The first of which is why I’m getting this now, nowhere near October, and the second is why anyone anywhere EVER would want zombie porn.

This… seems disturbingly and weirdly sexual for bitcoin.


  1. Christmas porn would be worse. No one wants to see Santa naked.

  2. You seem to be getting all the cyber gals throwing themselves at you.

    Why am I not surprised that there's zombie porn out there?

  3. Always good to get a warning note when you sign up for a newsletter... Makes you really confident about what they might send you and how often.

  4. There is porn for everything. Very scary.

  5. You do know that reality television is all about watching other people, right?


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