Tuesday, January 19, 2021

From The Spamfiles

I am so relieved to get to post these dumb, pointless things that have nothing to do with fascist seditionists trying to take over the country. Spam, you are a breath of fresh air.

Okay, the “Looking for a funny man” thing isn’t very original, but I did laugh way too long at “bat fastard”.

I didn’t know “Ego” could be a surname. It’s certainly not a subtle one.

Fifty eight pics? I think you’re coming on a little strong there Linda.

W… Why is there an emoji of a bear’s head? No, I probably don’t want the answer.

Must be a rigorous selection process when you can’t even use my name in place of “beneficiary”.

If you’re threatening to hit me hard, maybe that’s why I blocked you.

And now back to stress watching inauguration coverage to make sure the actually sane people who don’t want me dead get sworn in and not killed. Ha ha, I never expected my life to be like this, I don’t know how to make it stop.


  1. But assassination at this point wouldn't work. His term ends at noon tomorrow, so he wouldn't get the job back. It would just get further and further away from him.

  2. Bat fastard? um...
    My brain is stuck...

    I am suddenly reminded of The Jetson...

  3. I think I'm going to change my name to Bat fastard. I haven't giggled at my desk like that for ages!

  4. Because if it was 59 pics, it would be overdoing it.


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