Tuesday, July 7, 2020

July Goals

Right, it’s goals day. Let’s see what I didn’t do last month.

June Goals
1. Finish new WIP. Not thinking this will be any problem.
And it wasn’t. Really, writing this was the best part of my month.

2. Actually work on one of my old projects this month! The exclamation point means I’m serious!
Not serious enough, it seems. It was just a lot more fun to work on the new WIP.

3. Update the etymology page. I keep forgetting to do this!
Hey, I did this! Yay!

So not bad really, considering how tough June was to get through.  Sometimes you have to take wins where you can get them.

July Goals
1. Finish first round of editing notes on WIP. I have over four hundred of them, mostly me telling myself to add more descriptions.

2. After finishing the above, complete the next round of structure edits on the WIP.

3. Look at the yearly goals I’m supposed to be working on that I’m sure I’ve made no progress on. Eep.

Stay tuned next week for when I actually see what my goals are for this year. Wow, I can’t believe more than half of 2020 is gone. It really seems like it’s been a lot longer. A lot longer.

What are you up to this month?


  1. Two out of three ain't bad :)

    This month? Well, it's my birthday month, so there's that. But otherwise, I'm putting goals on the back burner because someone *cough* is actually subbing this month...

  2. I'm still dealing with corona restrictions.


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