Tuesday, July 21, 2020

From The Spamfiles

Ah, it’s nice to have something to post that doesn’t matter at all, it’s just a laugh.

Well, maybe not all of them are a laugh. This one just creeps me out.

Okay, so much to unpack here. First, what is a pis and why would I bite it? Second, if it’s online, how are you going to rip my f’ing clothes off? Finally, and most distressingly, the emoticon boobies, pointing in different directions. I just… I need a drink.

I get that these spammers generally aren’t English speakers, but… come on. Reply. There’s an R in it. It shouldn’t be that hard.

See? This one doesn’t have any ridiculous misspellings. The idea of an “ATM Card Department” is kind of ridiculous, but at least they put some effort into it.

Is this from a kitty? Because I’d actually be interested in that.

When I get spam like this, that tells me I have to write somewhere to unsubscribe, I really have to wonder: is there someone somewhere who actually does it? Seriously, I want to sit on top of a mountain and contemplate the type of person who would write a physical letter to unsubscribe from an email list. Forget the sound of one hand clapping, THIS is the riddle to achieve another plane of mental awareness.


  1. That kitty would just want to come home with you.

    How does one do an online partner physically? Is virtual reality involved?

  2. That 'click on my boobs' one is creepy. You have to wonder about the people who actually do...

  3. I've been getting the same spam messages with the parentheses. In fact, those are the ones that made me figure out how to delete spam messages from my phone. So, good spam, in a way.

  4. Remember when you had to send a physical letter to everyone to unsubscribe?
    I do.
    I wish I could unsubscribe to the junk mail that comes to my physical mailbox.

  5. The best part of spam is that they give it away so easily and clearly! Spelling mistakes are the most common.


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