Tuesday, June 2, 2020

June Goals

Well, May felt shorter than April, but not by much. Still felt a few years long. I know I was supposed to do something last month but I can’t remember what…

May Goals
1. Get to 50K on the new WIP. Since I’m already at 10K and I just started a week ago, this shouldn’t be a problem.
Yeah, this was easy. I’m almost at 60K. So yeah. Pretty successful.

2. If I have the time, keep working on my old projects that I really shouldn’t abandon.
Was not successful here. I know I should, I just had no energy to work on anything else.

3. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. This really isn’t a goal. Just something I needed to get out.

Honestly, it was a pretty good month. In spite of, you know, everything.

June Goals
1. Finish new WIP. Not thinking this will be any problem.

2. Actually work on one of my old projects this month! The exclamation point means I’m serious!

3. Update the etymology page. I keep forgetting to do this!

It’s June, and summer is due to start here (and feels like it already has). What are you doing this month?


  1. You cruised on past your word count - good for you!
    Yes, summer has already hit here.

  2. Unfortunately I have to fill out the online forms for self-employed/contractor unemployment this month. I was waiting until I knew how many comic cons we'd lose and it looks like all of them. Getting all the receipts and stuff together from last year will be a nightmare.

  3. I'm at the making sure everyone survives stage of making goals.

  4. Considering that the world is on fire, you did good. I think just making it through June is goal enough.

  5. Good work on getting those words in! Sounds like you'll be able to meet those goals this months with ease.

  6. I don't think I'll complete my WIP, but I expect to get another 20K on it. But yeah, AAAAAAAAAAA....

  7. A few years long is an understatement.


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