Tuesday, June 23, 2020

From The Spamfiles

Frankly, they could have gone with “majestits” and I’m disappointed they didn’t. It was right there. Low hanging fruit.

Literally everything here is easily confirmed by a google search. There’s also one tiny little detail they got wrong: he’s a Major. He was a Captain when he received the Medal of Honor, but has since been promoted and moved to a different station. You’d think the spammers would read beyond the second paragraph on his Wikipedia page.

I’m… not really sure what this one is trying to say. Presenting the metal insets to Little Bee???

My compensational settlement! From Director UBA Bank!

Not just new, new new.

The hearts and—what are those? Sirens?—in a message about HD TV is rather concerning in a way I can’t quantify.

You wouldn’t think spaces would be that difficult to use, but then here we are.


  1. "Prompt responds"?
    No, I don't expect better, but really?

  2. Something about you caught their eye? That's a little creepy....

  3. Those spam comments are totally nonsensical. They're not even trying.

  4. Well, if it's new new, then I'm totally in...

  5. What do metal insets (I first typo-ed that as 'insest.' LOL) and bees have to do with writing? smh


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