Tuesday, March 10, 2020

From The Spamfiles

Yay! Something easy that doesn’t require any amount of introspection!

Keep waiting, Alicia.

It wouldn’t be a generic, content-mill, heavily advertorial piece. I’m so lucky. Thanks, person who doesn’t even use my name. I know I can trust you.

But tell me, are you interested? Seriously, say interested a few more times.

Wait, are you telling me to confirm or have I already been confirmed? You know, sometimes it’s like the spammers don’t even care.

Leaning a little too heavy on the emojis there, bud.

Wow. This one’s so scummy that it links to Reddit. No thanks.


  1. Please confirm that you have confirmed to confirming...

  2. Waiting for "y"? Is this a Sesame Street thing?

  3. I don't think they even try to be convincing anymore...

  4. Mia, James, and the Latina Nudes should just get together, get it over with, and leave everyone else alone.

  5. You've got to wonder who actually bites on these things. Because, why do them if no one bites?


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