Tuesday, September 24, 2019

From The Spamfiles

Here we go!

I have to admit, I don’t get this one. “I really forgive [you]” (no, I’m not only using u; I’m civilized) means that I can answer them now. “I’ve heard that you are with another person now but I don’t believe her” like… who even are you? Why would I ever respond to this? Are they trying to get me to tell them they have the wrong person and then strike up a conversation that way? Or am I just overthinking this way too much? (we all know I’m over thinking it way too much)

Ugh, I bet it’s all emojis.

For all of you that were worried, here, it seems Greg is still getting mail. I’m sure you’re all relieved. He better get on this, too. His thoughts are vital.

I love how they can never get the punctuation right. Because random periods and dashes are super trustworthy.

Speaking of super trustworthy, here’s ebaY.

Okay, apparently this is in Finnish. And what does it say? “Dearest, I am married to a Kuwaiti Hassan Hajredin to 19 years without children  and my husband died in 2014. I will contact you and inform wanted to donate…” So it’s a widow (I assume she has cancer because they always do) who wants me to donate money for her. But in Finnish!


  1. And we know how horrible the Emojis movie was...
    Greg better start claiming his stuff or you'll get it all.

  2. Is Ashley using fox emojis? Or jackals?

    And what Ian doesn't know yet is that Greg Smith died of Ebola.

  3. Apparently you're supposed to know Finnish.

  4. Seeing that eBay thing, I am reminded of the mail I keep getting that says my credit card is ready, and I could collect it anytime!


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