Saturday, September 14, 2019


I’ve had... issues with my fan.

In real life, it was only a few hours. But what a quiet few hours.


  1. I understand - my wife is very picky about fan noise.

  2. My old ceiling fan, you know, the one before the deluge, would rock (and knock) when I'd have it on high. The new one with the new ceiling... I've had it on high for a full day now (we're getting 90s temps these past couple weeks), not to mention that I've had it on high off and on for several days, and it doesn't rock and it doesn't knock. Ah, blissful cool silence.

    Yes, I'm gloating. Because it's wonderful.

  3. I do not blame you one bit.

  4. When you talk of fan, what reminds me is the one that we had many years ago.
    When switched on, it wouldn't turn, instead it would just make a noise.
    Then one of us would have to take a long stick and prod it to turn.
    And then it would start and would turn without making any noise.
    We couldn't go through this exercise for far too long.
    So we called in the electrician, who replaced the motor.
    And from then on, it was all fine.


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