Tuesday, September 3, 2019

From The Spamfiles

What’s this? A spam post? Isn’t it supposed to be a goals post? Yes, but since my blogging break is in the last week of the month, it would mean doing said post a week early. So I’m just going to push it back to next week.

[Spam 1492]
Sure. This is a perfectly real follower and not at all a spambot. I should hook them up with a follower I got just today...

Yes, yet another Greg email. I’m just really amused by the name “Irmgard”, which I was shocked is even a real name. It seems to be Germanic in origin. In any case, definitely not one you’d see where I live.

Hmm… Are 16 messages from the Local Ladies equal to 10 messages from Sexy Becca? (This message is from a trusted sender.)

Occasionally, you can see something like trends in spam, where they stop using a phrase or misspell it because people are putting them into their spam filter. “un.ssubs.cribee” is a prime example.

Okay, I’m not sure if “singies” is a misspelling in the same vein as the above or if they’re just really bad at spelling.

Oh, well, as long as they’re seriously attractive.


  1. It has to be done, I'm just saying it.

    Greg Smith has to die.

    And Irmgard has to be framed for it.

  2. Seriously attractive? Does that mean they wear glasses? And why do you want to chat with gorgeous 'singies"? That's what my grandad used to call singlets! Oh great. I'll chat with this rather beautiful tank top....

  3. So, there's this Jonathan that's been giving me hell for the past few weeks. And I've had a few Gonzalezes, although that's a pretty common name 'round these parts. Are you sure he's not an 8th grader...?

  4. I wonder what the opposite is of seriously attractive? Hilariously attractive?

  5. I don't know, your Jesus follower looks pretty legit to me.


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