Tuesday, August 13, 2019

From The Spamfiles

It’s back! I know you’re excited.

Look at this totally not suspicious new follower. I especially love how they don’t even spell “command” right.

You leave my rooster out of this.

It’s very enthusiastic about my unsubscribing.

…Yes or no to what? The sexy love? I think I need an adult

The gorgeous singies are everywhere! Call an exterminator!

You can tell it’s really from FedEx because they have the copyright symbol after their name. Only the real, legitimate business would have that!


  1. Leave my rooster out of this - I am going to use that line somewhere this week.

  2. I don't get a lot of Twitter followers like that but I do get a ton of Facebook friend requests that are spam for sure.

  3. You wonder what the actual Carter Ham would think about getting his name appropriated by spammers.

  4. Might be the same guy who pretends to be military in the hopes of scamming $2000 off you. (Long story, that...)

  5. I think you should follow Ham. His tweets might be priceless!

  6. I think "commad" is probably the correct spelling of whatever it is they mean.

    Also, why are lower case "l"s used in "AVAIlABlE"? Or is that actually spelled "AVAIIABIE"? If so, WTF?

    I have a word for you...


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