Tuesday, March 26, 2019

From The Spamfiles

Let’s see what spam I have for you this week…

What should I pick on? The fact that is promises it’s “100-%” legal? The sprout and bouquet emojis? Or that it just says “congratulation” and that is suspicious as hell?

The dollar sign is after the number. It’s a scam.

Except for being slightly wordy, this one’s almost believable. You’d think Netflix would remember to capitalize their own name, though. Also that the account I use isn’t connected to that email address.

Not a negative item! They may have run a background check? Nooooooo! All my plans are ruined!

I can one hundred percent guarantee you that I don’t care.

The name “Love Swans” always weirds me out. I’ve never thought of swans as being particularly loving.


  1. Swans can be mean birds.
    I don't believe I've ever received a genuine NetFlix email anyway.

  2. At least they've laid off calling you Greg this week.

  3. Swans aren't loving. They're vicious and very strong. And, here's something you might not have known, a symbol for hypocrisy in art because they have black flesh under all those pristine white feathers.

  4. I got a similar email, but not from Netflix. It almost looked real, but there was something in the wording that wasn't quite right. The scammers are getting better. Sigh.

  5. Swans are evil. I have gotten email like this, really creepy, too. Liz is right; scammers are learning.

  6. I love that 100% legal claim. Nothing like that claim to make you think that perhaps something just may not be 100% legal.

    And I've never thought of swans of loving, either.

  7. I think the Netflix one could have used the word account like six more times and then it would have been believable.
    Swans are mean.


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