Tuesday, March 12, 2019

From The Spamfiles

I always have more.

Damn it, Greg, you need to take care of this stuff.

Boy, Jenn really wants me to unsubscribe.

The emoji looks more like a sprig of parsley than pot. Much like the poison they’ll give you.

Is that even a name?

Uh-oh. Greg pissed off the impressionists. He’s in for it now.

Ohhhh…no. No no no. No.


  1. Now, how many will get your reference in that fifth one?

  2. What could possibly go wrong with clicking on SexyBecca's private video?

    We need to find Greg Smith and have him rubbed out. Sleeping with the fishes. Congressionally investigated.

  3. Um, yeah, Rosena wouldn't even crack my top 10 of weirdest names. In class right now I have a Jaedis and I'd have a Rico, but he had to be kicked out. (Alas, it's a tame period. Next period contains Roxsanie.)

  4. I understand the fifth one; it's your comment on the last one I'm not quite grasping.

  5. You know... My friend's husband is Greg Smith. I'll let him know you're getting his mail.


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