Tuesday, October 30, 2018

From The Spamfiles

It’s the day before Halloween, you’d think I’d have something spooky up, but I couldn’t think of anything good so here you go. If you really want something scary, just read a newspaper. I’ve been finding those pretty terrifying lately.

Dirty, filthy things like using a 0 in place of an O.

Charlina Mcdona… great name or greatest name?

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten an email from a cancer widow (or a ‘long time illness’ widow). I love how she misspells her own name.

Apparently general managers are taking care of unsubscribe requests personally.

Certified mail by email! Yes that’s a thing! Shut up.

Got to say, I’m nervous about hang being in quotes. I mean, hang is more commonly used in its figurative sense these days, which is usually what something being in quotes implies. I fear that in this case, the quotes indicate that it is being used in the literal sense, and I’m going to end up hanging from a belt if I reply.


  1. I get those cancer widow ones all the time at work. They're always so dramatic...

  2. If you want spooky, you can send people over to my blog yesterday.
    Or today.
    And tomorrow.
    Or, you know, just go "hang" out Camryn.

  3. Would the good work of the lord include teaching these scammers how to spell?

  4. Charlina Mcdona is definitely going to be the name of my next main character.


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