Tuesday, May 1, 2018

May Goals

It’s May! Now every time I write “may” in a sentence it will try to autocorrect to the date. Good thing I don’t write it that much.

Now, let’s look at my goals for last month.

April Goals
1. Finish the book! If I haven’t already. As of this writing, I have two more chapters left. I may have already tweeted my victory, though.
WOOOOOO! I did it! The first draft was done! I was pretty vocal about it on Twitter, so most of you are probably already aware of this. Still could use more accolades, though.

2. Make a plan for editing!
Did this, too. It was pretty easy.

3. Start editing!
This was…well, not easy. Kind of tedious, really. And I would have completed my first major read through with notes if my stupid frigging laptop power jack didn’t break.

A pretty good month, laptops notwithstanding. Now, for May…
1. Finish the read through and all the editing notes that come with it.

2. Start working on the notes. I’m not so sure I’ll be able to finish them as it looks like there’s going to be around six hundred, varying from “change this word” to “change this whole section”.

3. Find something mindless and boring for me to do to recharge with. I have a feeling I’m going to need it.

So that’s the plan for May. What are you up to this month?


  1. Congratulations! A little something mindless for a while would be good now.

  2. Did you get a new power jack?

    Congrats on finishing the book.

  3. softball...
    it's all softball...

  4. Congrats on you goals and good luck with May.

  5. Congrats! Hope the editing goes well.

  6. Coloring is a good mindless activity. Of course, I'll always advocate for knitting ;)

  7. Hooray for finishing the book!!

    Best of luck with your editing—hope the laptop stops giving you trouble.

  8. Congrats on finishing your book! And good luck with editing!

  9. Excellent news about the book! Take the editing slowly. Break it into manageable chunks or it does feel overwhelming. But you can do it.


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