Saturday, May 26, 2018


The weather’s finally warm enough for me to open the windows!

This happens, like, once a day. A bird flies by or an animal walks by and she jumps up to the window only to realize she can’t get through the screen. Thankfully she hasn’t realized how flimsy they are because she absolutely would tear through it.


  1. I worry that Star would go through it, especially when a lizard is sunning himself on the window ledge. He goes insane.

  2. Until she goes through on accident.
    Our window never stays open when we're not home.

  3. Hope she doesn't go through it on accident either.

  4. Hopefully she doesn't figure out the right speed to bust through....

  5. Does she try to climb the screen? That's a thing as well.

    (Are your comments going wonky? I'm no longer getting email notifications for comments, and I wonder if it's just me.)


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