Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Epic Saga Continues

More conversations with my mom that I’m somehow not making up. This time we were talking about weekend plans and how she supposed to have lunch with one of her friends.

Her: I half expect her to cancel on me. I told her it was her birthday, I’d pay for it, but still she was all wishy-washy.

Me: Oh, it’s her birthday? That’s nice.

Her: Yeah, but her daughter’s birthday is the same day and she said on Facebook they were doing something.

Me: That doesn’t mean she’ll cancel lunch. Are their birthdays really on the same day?

Her: Yep. Her daughter had the decency to be born on the same day as her, unlike some people who came four days too early.

Me: Five days.

Her: Five days too early.

Me: …Are you really yelling at me for not having the same birthday as you?

Her: Yes!


  1. Can you imagine if your birthday was the same day? I think you'd dread it.

  2. Yeah, that sounds horrible to me.

  3. LOL Maybe she's just bummed because now she feels like she can't have a super big celebration.

  4. I wouldn't like to share a birthday with someone else!

  5. Because that's really all your fault ;)


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