Tuesday, March 27, 2018

From The Spamfiles

It’s spam time! Because there was a good few days where I got quite a bit of spam to share. Then it tapered off again. Where are you, spammers? Don’t you care about me anymore?

Ignoring the fact that they call themselves two different names, how the hell did they get a sideways S? I want one.

Look at this perfectly normal follower I got on Twitter. They said no games and lies, so they must be telling the truth. Serously.

It just wouldn’t be a Spamfiles post if I didn’t have a cancer widow thrown in there somewhere.

Most people don’t know that FedEx’s website is actually Hambers at Spetier.com.

I have been getting sooooooo many of these. Sometimes I’m blocking them on Instagram, sometimes it’s Whatsapp. And you know what? If I’m blocking you, suck it up, you big babies.


  1. I got a dude following me on Twitter with the same kind of profile. Must be a new dating thing. Although why the girl followed you and the guy followed me I have no idea!

  2. Twitter spam is so weird. And my partner gets the same kind of thing on FB - all these fake-looking girls wanting to be his friend...

  3. I still don't get what they get out of it. Seriously. What do they get out of it?

  4. Oh, I love the cancer widow ones.

    I have had some of that twitter spam- women following me whose entire twitter thread are photos of themselves scantily clad. While I'm not complaining about the visuals, I'm just assuming it's a front for something or another of the illegal variety.


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