Tuesday, March 6, 2018

March Goals

Well, it’s March. And the world is still an endless nightmare from which there is no waking. But maybe that’s implied by calling it an endless nightmare. Anyway, let’s look at last month’s goals.

February Goals
1. Keep up with my writing and make it to 40K on my new WIP. I actually might make it!
And I did! Plus some more! I really love this story!

2. Maybe do some editing on my old WIP that I swore I’d finish last year.
This I didn’t do as I was focused more on the above and I really had no other free time that wasn’t spent sleeping. Oh, sleep. I wish I was sleeping now.

3. Finish all the stuff I couldn’t get to last month. Double ugh.
Yes, thankfully. Hopefully it stays finished. I wouldn’t put it past the universe to rewind just to make me have to do February all over again.

Not bad, I guess. Yay for achievable goals. Now for this month…

March Goals
1. Get to 70K on my WIP, which should bring me to the end. This one I might not reach, but I’m going to try!

2. Update my etymology page. I think I have three months of -leg posts to put in there.

3. See if I can think up something fun to do for blog posts. I’ve been running low on ideas lately.

And finally, winter’s going to be gone. I hope. There was that surprise April snowstorm last year. So what are you up to this month? Any fun plans?


  1. I'd rather be sleeping now.
    Awesome you hit your writing goal.
    Not holding my breath that winter is done though.

  2. Achievable goals are good. When I'm in a goal setting mood, I'll give my goals a ranking from absolutely must do to would be nice if I get to it. It helps on days when nothing much can be done.

    May spring find you quickly.

  3. Sounds like you did well last month with your goals, so keep up the momentum. While you're waiting for winter to be over, it appears our winter has just roared in on a storm. Was not prepared for that!

  4. Yeah, I'd often rather be sleeping too! LOL
    Great job on what you achieved and good luck with this month.

  5. That's awesome progress on your WIP! And it's such an added bonus that you actually like your story, too.

    Where I was in New England, there would always be two or three big March snow storms, then that sneaky last one in April before it was all said and done. Hope whatever snow you have is gone quickly!


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