Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Stuff I Have To Deal With

If this is the shortest month of the year, why does it feel like it’s going on forever? Plus there’s another Tuesday and I have no idea what to post. So here’s a stupid conversation between me and my mom that took place when she showed up at my door at ten thirty in the morning:

Me: What’s up?

Her: Were you just sleeping?

Me: What?

Her: You look like you just woke up.

Me: I’m fully dressed. My hair is up.

Her: And you look like you just woke up! I think you were sleeping!

Me: You talked to me, like, an hour ago.

Her [narrowing her eyes]: I think you were sleeping.

Me: …

I’ve never been able to sleep during the day even when I’m tired. Unlike her, who enjoys an afternoon nap. She just thought I looked tired and couldn’t stand the thought of me being asleep. I think it physically pains her to see me resting.



  1. She didn't slip into your room when you were young and bang on stuff to wake you, did she?
    I can't take naps either. Just makes me more tired.

  2. Barring times when I've been badly sick, I haven't napped in the day since I was a baby.

  3. My mom always assumes I'm napping too, but that's because she knows I have a fatigue problem.
    You should have told her yes you were sleep talking to her.

  4. I can't sleep during the day. But then, I don't sleep much at night either. No wonder I'm always so tired.

  5. I have similar conversations with students. Not about sleeping, usually. They decide that something about me must be true (that isn't) and then they get all insistent about it. Of course, I can just be all, like, "sure, whatever" and walk away. They can believe anything about me they like ;) (The very dry sarcasm is what sells it. But I doubt you can get away with that with your mom.)

  6. See, I usually stay up all night and sleep during the day. Doesn't stop my family from calling me at 10am and acting surprised when they wake me up.

    I like Patricia's sleep talking idea. :)


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