Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Spamfiles Classics

Time for another spam post! But since my spam filter has been working really well lately and I don’t have any amusing fresh ones for you, I’m going to mine my archives for some. I mean, I’ve got, like, two thousand. You probably haven’t seen these before. And if you have it’s been five years.

Wow. I’ve been doing this for way too long.

Perfumes help a lot with emphasis.

I think they’re insulting my writing, which is pretty damn offensive considering that their method of communication seems to be copy and pasting words from the dictionary.

Luckily making sense is not a requirement for making a lot of money! It explains a lot about the world, really.

I can safely say that no, I do not look like a blank spam message.

I know that supposedly the reason they write so incoherently is because that anyone who ignores it is an easy target. But come on. There has to be a limit. People can’t be seeing “God bless you as you listening to the voice of reasoning” and thinking “Hm! Looks legit!” Right?



  1. There is poor handling of the English language and then there is that.

  2. Hey, the last one has respect and humanity--it can't be spam! *snort* I think the bigger problem is that they trust google translate. ;)

  3. The one I keep getting now is quite emphatic about my needing to go to their site and unsubscribe from some mailing list. It's funny because that only happens on the one email that I don't use.

  4. I just wonder who the people are who fall for these things. I mean, they wouldn't keep doing it if it wasn't working....

  5. "...compelled to write you under a humanitarian ground..."
    Is that different from normal ground?
    Is this person dead?
    A zombie?
    A vampire?

  6. "My cancer problem." My god, do they ever take a hint and just go away?


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