Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Scary Stories

Subtitle, that you can, but probably shouldn’t, tell in the dark.

I’ve discovered several new short stories of the pants-crapping variety. And what else can I do but share them with you?

By one of my favorite writers. Ninety nine percent of his work is the kind of stuff that grosses you out. This story is not, and it’s also way more horrifying.

Honestly, I thought the first part was the best and a creepier story on its own. But feel free to check out the rest and see for yourself.

It’s actually a poem, and a surprisingly good one at that. Really well done.

It reminds me a lot of The Handmaid’s Tale.

Finally, be sure to check out these two sentence horror stories. I can’t really talk more about them since that would give everything away. I mean, they are only two sentences after all.


  1. Probably, I will not get around to any of these. Not in the schedule.

  2. Sound scary! But maybe the two sentence ones are all I'll have time for this week...

  3. Have you tried your hand at two sentence horror stories? Now, that's a blog post for next week, right?

  4. Terror? Horror? Drama? Sign me up. ;)

  5. Those sound creepy.

    I tried my hand at dark and twisted. My story officially releases on Monday. :)


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