Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Scary Games

Because it’s that time of year again.

You Find Yourself In A Room
Not so much scary as it is psychological, this game is a text based adventure, where you type in words and the game responds almost like a story. Except in this case the game hates you. There are a few puzzles, but they are very simple. Mostly it’s just typing “look” and the game yelling at you. Anyway, it’s a fun, if weird, way to pass the time. Be warned, there is some swearing in this.

Don’t Escape
In a twist on the escape the room genre, in these three games you want to be locked in as securely as possible. They’re a mix of time management and point-and-click, and manage to be both tense and enjoyable. Go check them out when you have some time.

Deep Sleep
I’ve actually mentioned this game and its sequel before, but now the third and final game is out and you can play through the entire series. They are very atmospheric games, Lovecraftian almost. You know, without the racism.

You doing anything Halloween-y this month? Anything scary you want to share? 


  1. Not sure I want a game yelling at me.
    Might do a haunted corn maze this month.

  2. Not sure I could sleep after playing scary games like that!

  3. If I could pry the Shuffle Cats out of my hands, I might take a stab at these.

  4. I think I've missed the local zombie walk, so I'm going to have to think of something else for my Hallowe'en photo post. Probably a local ghost story.

  5. Maybe if it was Lovecraftian without any of the Lovecraft. If the word "cyclopean" pops up, I might break my computer.


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