Tuesday, June 6, 2017

June Goals

It’s June already?! But it’s still cold! And rainy! I’m telling you, it’s still April! Oh man. I did NOTHING this month…

May Goals
1. Write at least 5000 more words. I’d like to have more, but I also want to do some minor editing to make sure the whole thing is working right.
I didn’t manage to get all of it, only about three thousand words. All in the last week of the month. Yeah, it was not a productive month.

2. Check out some old projects and see if any of them are worth working on.
Did not do this. Maybe if one of them seemed exciting enough, but I’m just not feeling it.

3. Now that it’s warm enough, spring cleaning.
When I wrote this, it was actually warmer than it was now. And not raining all the time. Seriously, there’s been an hour of sun in the last week. Anyway, I was not able to do as much as I would have liked!

Welp, not awful, but not great either. I probably would have been more productive if I wasn’t so anxious all the time. Mostly about republicans trying to take away my healthcare. Anyway, this month.

June Goals
1. Get to 50K on my WIP (so about six thousand words).

2. Start organizing the outline for abovementioned WIP. This is actually pretty early for me.

3. Get to all the stuff this month that I didn’t do last month. If it ever stops raining!

That’s what I’m doing for June. What are you up to?


  1. Come a little farther south and the rain will be really warm...

  2. We might have more rain this week. It's not really supposed to be raining here in June, but there's a 50% chance later this week.

  3. I'm attempting to do something similar to your number 2 and it's tough because I'm not sure if I can make any of them worth while and that doesn't motivate me.

  4. That's 3000 more words than I got done in May. So, score? Anyway, it's going to be hot before you know it, and you'll be wishing for cool and rainy.

  5. I bet you still got more words written than I did in May. I swear, I've been such a slacker this year. It has to change… Good luck reaching your goals this month! And fingers crossed the rain stops.

  6. It's cold and rainy here too. I'm still wearing my leather jacket every day.

  7. We haven't had much break in the rain either. It's forever. Good luck with the new goals.


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