Tuesday, June 27, 2017

From The Spamfiles

Ha ha, I don’t want to have to think up a real post.

Revelation 1: Tarot reading doesn’t work over the internet. Revelation 2: Tarot reading doesn’t work, period.

Sixty-forty in your favor? The cancer widows offer way better deals!

Honestly, I’m just impressed that they used the right discreet. I don’t even use the right discreet.

Looks like I’m at a higher risk for danger signs.



  1. Only spammer send emojis.
    Sixty-forty seems a little unfair.

  2. I've been getting some recently from a fortune teller telling me I've already been to see her, so...

  3. We'll agree to disagree about Tarot readings...

    Do you get the ones about a cancelled Amazon order? They crack me up because they're always going to the email address that isn't associated with my Amazon account.

  4. I've probably gotten two hundred notices in the last month for spammers trying to get comments published with their links for one very specific post in my photoblog. It was enough for me to write a comment on that one specifically telling them to go to hell and cease wasting oxygen, but they're still trying to comment on it.

    They never give up.

  5. Look at all the cool spam you get. Meanwhile, I'm still just getting swamped with weight loss suggestions.

    By the way, I don't know how you could pass up three whole revelations. :)


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