Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Short And Scary

So I’ve done games and comics, how about some scary short films now? Yes! Let’s do that!

This one has the distinction of being both a short story and a short film, about a young man having a strange encounter while out walking late at night.

A short cartoon about a boy who wants to play outside. Prepare to be horrified.
A man will do anything to save his baby daughter during a zombie apocalypse.

A fake documentary about a fake disease is really scary.

I am so bummed that Halloween month is going to be over next week. Then it’s just November. Ugh. Why can’t we have October all year?

Wait, no. October and my birthday all year.


  1. That's some weird ass stuff.

    February all year. Cold, bitter cold, snow... it would be lovely!

  2. Well, my scary doll story won't be finished before Halloween, so you can get that in November and it will be like a taste of late Halloween.

    I'll try to check some of these out later.

  3. Well, November seems to be pretty scary. At least the first week or so...

  4. But November is my birthday, we can't stop before then. =P

  5. There are some awesome scary short films. I actually saw one yesterday, but since it isn't 100% finished yet, I probably shouldn't talk about it yet...


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