Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Social Intelligence

Hey, I’ve got something cool for today! It’s another quiz. This one measures your social intelligence by seeing how well you can do picking out what a person is feeling just by looking at their eyes.

There are 36 questions, and the average is 26. I actually got a 31 (when I took it again while typing this up, it was 32), so I guess I’m good at figuring out what people are feeling by looking at their eyes. It honestly surprised me since I’m so terrible at picking up social cues. I guess being overly sensitive is useful in some ways.

This kind of thing is useful for working together in groups—the higher the social intelligence of group members, the better they can work together to solve complex problems. Which makes sense, since the more a group can understand each other, the better they can cooperate. How you’re feeling and other things can also affect your score, so don’t feel bad if you get below average.

So how’d you do?


  1. I got a 31 as well.

  2. I only got 27. But it is just after 5:30am and I just got up...

  3. I'm going to skip the test for the moment.

  4. I got 23. But after the first 15 or so, I stopped trying. It took too much brain power to try to discern what expression they had, so I started random guessing. So, I'm actually proud of the 23.

  5. I scored 26 which is the average. Guess that describes me.


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