Tuesday, December 8, 2015


So a while back, I stumbled across this personality quiz that I thought was amusing and I figured, hey, why not save this for a day when I can’t think up a post? And today is that day.

There are 64 questions about how you feel/act, mostly basic stuff like “You are always looking for opportunities” or “the more people you speak to the better you feel”. You answer from a strong yes to a strong no. It then rates you on introvert/extrovert, sensing/intuition, thinking/feeling, and judging/perceiving. Me, I got strongly introvert, moderately sensing and thinking, and strongly judging. I guess that sounds about right.

I always wonder how accurate these things are. So why don’t you guys try it when you have a few minutes and see what you think. What kind of personality do you have? Does it match up with how you think of yourself?


  1. No idea how accurate it is, but this was mine - Introvert(28%) iNtuitive(6%) Thinking(19%) Judging(50%)

  2. I've taken one of these before.... it seemed to get me completely wrong.

  3. So it's basically a Myers-Briggs test, then.

  4. I keep seeing things like this. I'm at school on a prep period, so I don't have time to do this right now. I'll try it later.

    1. Introvert(28%) iNtuitive(6%) Feeling(6%) Judging(53%)

      Of course, get me in a different mood, and a few of those questions would be answered differently.

  5. I scored INTJ. I knew I was an introvert.

  6. I've tried so many of these things and I just laugh. I don't think the feeling questions quite represent the concept fairly. (Guess that's my judging side coming out.)

    Extravert(25%) iNtuitive(16%) Feeling(9%) Judging(22%)

  7. I haven't done one of those for years. I'm gong to give it a try.


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